For 20 years
thousands of customers with
farms, ranches, trucking, contractors, townships, hotels...
Swear By RustGuy!
So will you. Here's why:

Industrial Strength 
Resistant to road salt, rain, fertilizer, 
manure, urine, feed and chemicals.

Safe to Use
Water, air, earth, human, pet,
crops, livestock and organic friendly.

No Sandblasting
RustGuy® stops rust permanently with 
no scraping, grinding or sandblasting.

Brush, roll or spray. Will not harm
paint, rubber or plastic surfaces. 

 Works on Contact
RustGuy® permanently stops rust on 
contact - even on vertical surfaces.

No Competition!
Compare RustGuy® with leading rust 
control products sold in stores or online.

Save and restore your vehicles, equipment and
 property at a fraction of the cost of replacing!

Avoid rust violations (USDA, DOT, OSHA, etc.)

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