RustGuy® Kits, Sizes, Coverage & Pricing

Ready-To-Go Kits - For the most popular projects:

Two-Car Kit, Pick-Up Truck Kit, Semi Tractor-Trailer Kit, Start Pack, Start Pack Plus, Six Pack and Eight Pack. 

RustGuy®  Quantity Sizes: 

Liquid Formulas: Original Formula, Rust Preventer, Prep Cleaner and Aluminum De-Oxidizer are sold in one and five gallon containers. (One gallon treats app. 500 square feet.)

Powdered Rust Stained Concrete Cleaner: 5 lbs., 10lbs., 25lbs. 55lbs. sizes. 

(FIve lbs. treats app. 500 square feet.) 

Courtesy Sizes For Smaller Jobs (Original formula only):

Chubby Quart: Treats 125 square feet.

Industrial Size Aerosol Spray Can: Treats 50 square feet.

CALL US! Your rust expert will determine 

exactly what you need for your project.

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RustGuy® Formula Coverage:
RustGuy® Gallon - Treats 500 sq. ft.
One gallon of RustGuy® Original formula is so powerful that it treats 500 square feet of rust. That's enough to do an average semi tractor-trailer. Semi Kits are ready to go!
RustGuy® Chubby Quart (Original Formula Only) - Treats 125 sq. ft.
One chubby quart (wide mouth) of RustGuy® Original formula will permanently stop 125 square feet of rust. That's enough to do an average one ton pick-up truck. Pick-Up Kits are ready to go!
RustGuy® Aerosol Spray Can (Original Formula Only) - Treats 50 sq. ft.
One industrial size aerosol spray can of our Original RustGuy® formula permanently stops 50 square feet of rust. That's enough to do an average automobile. Two-Car Kits are ready to go!
RustGuy® Concrete Cleaner (removes rust stains.) 5 lbs. - Treats 500 sq. ft.
Dilutes in water. Apply, let sit for five minutes. Sprinkle directly on stubborn stains, then rinse. Environmentally safe. Available in 5, 25, 55 and 550 lbs.
Big projects?  That's our specialty!
RustGuy® 5 Gallon Bucket - Treats 2500 sq. ft.

We're industrial chemical formulators and supply any size container for any size job. Five gallon pails are easiest to handle, but we also package in 20, 30 and 55 gallon drums.

Also available are beautiful custom colors or color matching of our Rust Preventer Super Coat for orders 55 gallons or more. 

Call and speak to one of our highly trained rust experts to help you with your project from start to finish.
RustGuy®  Pricing:

Price is quoted by your project - the product(s) you need. We make two different product formulations for specific applications - equipment and roof & fence. Price depends on the formula version and amount ordered. Ready-to-go kits are available.

We make it easy! Call us for FREE expert advice and a price quote. 

Your rust expert will determine the formula(s) you need, give you all your options, advise you 

on how to apply and calculate the best possible pricing.

We manufacture in the USA. NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES. We ship direct to your door. Orders are shipped the fastest (usually same day) and most economical way possible.

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Our Commitment to Quality:

® products are formulated to perform beyond your expectations. 

Our products are industrial strength and made for extreme applications and abuse. 

We proudly have thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers. Our mission is to make YOU a customer for life!

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