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Rust is everywhere. 
It's an untapped market for applicators.

 NOW YOU CAN SAVE AND RESTORE your customer's vehicles, equipment and property at a fraction of the cost of replacing!

Help your customers avoid violations (USDA, DOT, OSHA, etc.)

Here's 33 examples ...

Balconies & Railings
Bridges & Highways
Doors & Security Bars
Cemetary Fences
Valves & Plumbing
Truck Beds
Bodies & Wheel Wells
Antique Restoration
Pipe & Corral Fences
Fertilizer Equipment
Heavy Equipment
Docks & Moorings
Fire Escapes
Chain Link Fences
Storage Tanks
Kennels & Boarding
Excavating Equipment
Signs & Ladders
Stock & Horse Trailers
Crop Storage
Dumps & Sidewalls
Latches & Step-Ups
Classic Restoration
Your customers are: Trucking. Retail. Municipal. Restoration. Schools & buses. Apartment buildings & condos. Farms. Ranches. Industrial. Marine. US Government. Churches. Hospitals. Office Buildings. Hotels. Motels. Schools. Fertilizer plants. Stadiums. Telephone & cable companies. Truck fleets. Car washes. Museums. Mobile home parks. Body shops. Oil & Propane delivery. Supermarkets. Amusement parks. Moving companies. Auto dealerships. Golf courses. Cemeteries. D.O.T.'s. Police, Fire & Sheriff's Departments. Parks. Nursing homes. Buses. Service stations. Weigh stations. Rubbish & recycling centers. Taxi & limo companies. Vets & animal boarding. Delivery services. Landscapers. Snow removal. Mini storage. Townships. Municipalities. City offices & buildings. Rock quarries. Loggers. Antiques. Parking garages. Towing companies. Playgrounds. Oil & propane delivery. Excavation. Pools. Utilities. Airports. Homeowners ... and ANY owner of valuable equipment & property that is being destroyed by rust.

6 reasons why you should be 
applying RustGuy® formulas and making money.

      1. Rust is everywhere. Customers are everywhere.

      2. Do jobs. Bill your customers. You keep 100% of your profits.

Great business on it's own or add-on to an existing business.

      4. No training needed. Our formulas do all the work.

      5. Free expert help determining product quantities for a job.

      6. Free expert help on best ways to apply.

RustGuy® Field Cards get you customers.

RustGuy® Field Cards are thick, glossy, double sided 
4 color post cards. Measure 11" wide x 6" high. 

Cards have a high-tech scratch resistant coating. 
Will not yellow or fade. Write on back of card.
Front of RustGuy Field Card
Back of RustGuy Field Card
Here's what to do next:

1. Get to know our formulas. Please review all products.

2. Call 888-Rust-Guy. (1-888-787-8489)

3. We'll discuss your options and get you started.

Income Disclaimer: This is NOT an offering for a franchise or a business opportunity. You are not paying for a territory. There is NO CHARGE for our product guidance and support. You could make a fortune applying our formulas but no guarantee of income is being made. Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality industrial strength RustGuy® products to your door or job site.